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Golf cart

T-BUGGY® EV is a next-gen autonomous, connected and electric golf cart designed for a wide range of uses, from golf courses to resorts. It is the perfect electric vehicle for those who want to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about driving!

T-Buggy autonomous golf cart

ADAS - Autopilot

T-BUGGY® EV excels in autonomous driving with advanced cameras and ADAS sensors. Offering full-service pickup and delivery and enhanced obstacle and pedestrian detection, it ensures a safe and efficient ride, setting new standards in mobility.

Fleet management

Our fleet management system facilitates central control with surveillance and convenient remote ignition via QR code. It ensures seamless fleet monitoring through real-time tracking, and battery updates to enhance the golf cart experience.

Cloud infotainment

T-BUGGY® EV features a sophisticated infotainment system seamlessly linked to the cloud, enabling users to access real-time statistics, track the buggy's location, and utilize a mobile app for reservations and other functionalities.

EV technology

An enhanced power supply system, featuring the latest lithium-ion technology and BMS, communicates with VDC and FM. Additionally, there is the option for a solar roof to power infotainment and applications in the golf cart.

Enjoy your experience with T-BUGGY

The different T-BUGGY® models are prepared to move on any surface,         be it grass, road, sand, mud… etc.

      • Electric golf cart
      • Electric – connected golf cart
      • Electric – connected – autonomous golf cart

Experience golf & resort mobility like never before


Effortless navigation

Say goodbye to the hassle of driving and let our autonomous vehicle handle the navigation. Simply select your destination, and T-BUGGY® EV will guide you there.


Superior comfort

Experience unmatched comfort and cutting-edge entertainment technology seamlessly integrated into the versatile and adaptive design of our golf carts.


Connected fleet

T-BUGGY® EV includes advanced fleet management technologies, such as real-time location , scheduling and reservation tools, and automatic battery recharging.

¡The future of driving with automotive ADAS!

T-BUGGY® EV autonomous golf cart seamlessly incorporates state-of-the-art ADAS systems, featuring widely adopted vehicle technologies such as cameras, LiDAR, and RADAR, coupled with a fully connected fleet management system to deliver the ultimate autonomous driving experience.

T-BUGGY® EV beyond the greens!

Resorts and villages

College campuses

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